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История ВПК

The tradition of teacher training education in Vyborg takes its source in the distant after-war times when in 1945 the City executive committee issued an order to establish a teacher training college in Vyborg. It existed for 10 years but later it was given a second birth - in 1988.

The College is situated in the historic centre of Vyborg, in a beautiful 19th century mansion (designed by Valdemar Aspelin). Today it is under the state protection as a historic and architectural monument. Since 1999 the headmaster of the College is Natalia Sabirova, Honored teacher of the Russian Federation.

According to the Decree of the government of Leningrad region from April,1 the College is reorganized into the Vyborg institute (branch) of the autonomous higher education institution “Leningrad Region State Pushkin University”.

There are 2 departments providing higher education: 1. “Primary school teacher”; 2. Organization management.

Besides, there remains an opportunity to get a secondary education on the basis of the institute (as it was provided by the College). The 5 departments provide education for the following professions: 1. “Pre-school tutor”; 2. “Primary school teacher”(with additional computer and english language training); 3. “Foreign language teacher”; 4. “Gymnastics teacher”; 5. “Social worker”.

Over 3 thousand young professionals have graduated from the College since 1988.

The College provides the basis for annual conferences (both scientific and practical). The best works of the students are presented at pedagogical seminars and science Internet-conferences of St-Petersburg and the region.

Today the College actively cooperates with different educational institutions of Vyborg and the area. Students pass their teaching practice at the local schools. Since 2004 the teaching staff of the College started interactive forms of preparing the students for their professional practice by cooperating with social organization of St-Petersburg “IMKA – Ozerki”. The training courses, festivals, conferences and contests (such as “The student of the year”) are held for students.

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